Photos of 6 week old Pups

Last puppy video before shipping off to Los Angeles; St. Louis; Laguna Vista, TX; Philadelphia; and Montana homes.


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1 month old now

The pups are SO CUTE now.  Eating well twice per day.  We hold each one while it eats from off a cookie sheet — that’s really good for them as they associate people with food and happiness.  

Song is still nursing them, but somewhat less.  They are drinking from a bowl of water as well.  

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Escaping Puppies

The puppies are 3 weeks old and are now able to escape from the kiddie pool.  Here’s a video set to “Free Falling”

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Puppy video

Pups are 2 weeks old here.  On some pictures, you can see that their eyes are opening.  

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Pups are all spoken for

All 8 pups are set to go to their new families.  Their eye are just starting to open, so it fun to watch them start to romp with each other on tottering legs.  

Two new testimonials have come in at this link

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All good

We have been putting the runt on the back teats so she has caught up in size to the others.  She (Julie on the video) is going to Aubrey in Shepherd, MT.  

We have a busy weekend, but will have a new video up by Tuesday, July 15th.

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Me time

For the first time, Song has taken a nap away from the puppies.  They are 10 days old and cuddled up in a big ball of puppiness.  Song is snoring under her favorite piece of furniture for the moment.  

   She had a rawhide this afternoon and did the strange “happy dance” where she kicks her back feet out like a calf.  Very cute, but we have never gotten it on film.  

   Thank you for your deposits.  Still have Pepper left.  She is a serious-minded puppy who will make a great “home defender” as the Pyrenees temperament is strong in her.  

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